Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Letter to Olivia

This note is, in a way, a follow-up to my fare well letter to Missy. I adopted Olivia about the same time as I wrote that note, and have been trying to really understand her since then. This letter isn't exactly a welcome letter, but it's more that than anything else.

Dear Olivia,

How's it going? You seem to be getting fairly comfortable here. I know you are still frightened by new people, and kind of skittish about when we move around you here in the house, but you seem to sort of be getting better about that. I hope you know that we wouldn't ever hurt you. Yes, we are humans and a bit clumsy, but if we step on paws or tail, its always an accident, and really you've never been close enough on the floor for that to have happened.

I'm glad to see that you like the furniture we picked up for you. I was worried that I had spent that money in vain, but since you seem to perch on it or scratch at it every time you aren't in the bedroom or playing, I guess that's all right.

I hope that maybe you will get over your fear of going outside and will try it in the harness and lead that I got you. I'm surprised that you take better to the harness than you do to the going outside part. Oh well, if not, I hope we can find things to do to keep you happy. I don't want to see you get bored. I couldn't imagine never going outside, but if its what you prefer, I'm not going to force the issue.

I also hope that you will start playing with me a little more. It kind of worries me that you ignore all the toys that I try to catch your eye with. Not to say that you aren't playful, It's hilarious to see you chase around the house after a ball, or "ambush" the turbo scratcher, but I was kind of hoping that you might play with some of the "interactive" toys with me, but perhaps that too will come in time.

I know so little about you, though I think we are starting to learn. I know that you like to give me slobber-loves to the face, and that you tap my ankle if I'm not quick enough with dinner, once we've started the process. I know that you'll eat a whole lot more than Mouse was ever willing to. So far you've tasted popcorn and chicken, and I had to fight you off of my ham sandwich.. or was it chicken casserole? Either way, we are going to have to discuss your preferences for human food. I have no problem with you eating it, but not off of my plate.. You might be given a taste, but never when I'm eating, so forget it, and I choose what you get, not you. You aren't aware of some of the things we put in our dinners that can hurt you. I know you don't like grass like Missy did, so we can skip that in your diet. However, you are a lot more excited about your treats than she ever was too. I go anywhere near the cat drawer and I have you under foot all the time. Its kind of maddening, but I can't blame you for persistence.

I'm amused by your insistence on fresh food every night, and amazed at how much you drink.. and well, we'll leave the rest to the imagination. Could you kindly let me know what food to get you though so that you stop.. um.. farting? It's kind of gross you know.. and we really need to find you some help for your breath.. You really need to visit the dentist.. which is going to cost me a pretty penny I fear. *sigh*.

Oh and thanks for getting gentler when you "wrestle" and love bite my hand. its not as tough as your fur covered self, and I like to see the little "love marks" healing. Its kind of nice to have those leave.

I do promise to take care of you, and hope that we will be good friends in years to come. I appreciate the steps you've taken toward this relationship as well. I'm not a big fan of slobbery kisses, but I know they are meant well, and its pretty endearing the way you follow me around these days. I know that your little "squeaky" voice is just your way of being polite, and yet demanding attention or food.. or whatever, so I'll work on learning what you mean with it.

I know this is a much shorter letter than the one I wrote to Missy, but we haven't know each other as long. I'll write again if I think of anything I should add.

Love you Livvy,


(I'll upload a picture later tonight or tomorrow. I still need to get them off the camera.)