Monday, March 9, 2009

Blah Blog

I was fiddling with my blog's design today. I just changed it because it was cluttered with a screen reader. The most important stuff, namely my entries, should come first, then the "About Me," "Friends," and other such links. Problem is, I like the initial design. I don't much care for the background, but I was going to work on that. Personally, for me, it was really cool that it looked like it was on paper. I was hoping to change the background to look like the paper was sitting on a leather blotter, or at least change the background color to more suit my personality. I may go back and play with it again, but I am a little unsure as to how to set the elements so that everything behaves as it should. I may have to go digging around in the code later, but for now I have just changed the style completely. It's all right, but it doesn't seem to have the same charm as the other one did.

Also, why on earth does blogger allow you to change every color on the page except the background color? I was thinking I could at least sort of make it mine by fixing the terrible case of "minty freshness" that it seems to have, but no, without mucking about in the code, I can't fix that little issue either.

Changing layout did have the intended effect though. Now everything is in the right order. The important stuff comes first, the non-essentials come later, so that is a victory of sorts. Anybody who is reading this, please feel free to comment on the blog's appearance and give me some ideas on how to improve. I can't promise that I will change for your whims, but I like suggestions and ideas, so fire away.

Now, off to my next set of contests… figuring out why Jaws just insisted on starting in 40 minute mode, and girding my loins in preparation for the battle that will ensue when I announce to Dell tech support that I need a new DVD-RW drive as the present one seems to have given up the ghost. There are moments, and this is one of them, that I don't really understand why I love tech so very, very much.

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