Saturday, March 7, 2009

Networking is Not Working (Anywhere it Seems)

*Sigh* I have just managed to prove that whole student in networking thing. I have been trying to get Windows, both XP and Vista, talking to Linux so that I can have my files when I have my "Linux Adventure" in a couple weeks. I am willing to forgo the known. I am not willing to forgo either my music, my books, or my documents for the experience. So far, I am not having a good go of it. I realized after fiddling for an hour or so that Samba had never been installed on the Linux system, so that was sort of a duh moment, but it also only took about 30 seconds to remedy the problem. I now have the Samba server installed, but I next need to configure it. I started that process last night, but I didn't get very far. I would have gotten farther, but every time I turned around someone was calling me. I had a call from 9 P.M until midnight, then my brother called three times, and finally I got another call at about one A.M. I am surprised by my popularity. So, long story short, when I am not doing homework, I will be spending a lot more time reading up on how to configure Samba.

Speaking of communications not working, my brother managed to damage his cell phone. I am not sure what he did to it, he called me three or four times last night, and all he could do to communicate with me was press the buttons to cause a beep. We spent a lot of time using the "beep once for yes, twice for no" system. It was pretty funny, but I didn't learn much of what I wanted to know. I know that he didn't drop it, but I couldn't figure out how to phrase the questions, or ask the right ones, to figure out what he actually did to it. He also said that he didn't need my help ordering a used one from anywhere, but that dad is not likely to help him get another one either. I think he said he is planning to get another one, but I don't know how he is planning to do it. Oh well, in the end, I don't so much worry about it, but I do have to laugh at it. It was terribly funny. I wouldn't entirely put it past him to have faked it, but the background was quiet enough that I am pretty sure he was telling the truth. I will keep you posted when I know more.

My experiences with social networking are also falling into this article. (It seems like a good catch-all, especially with that title.) First, I will admit, I am not the person I should be about social networks. I don't like most of the nonsense that surrounds them. I've never had a MySpace, and my Facebook has languished for the last six or eight months without my even bothering to check it, until last night. I have to say, Facebook has made an awful mess of the system. I could barely navigate that page visually when I got talked into going up there last night. I have no idea how my friends with screen readers are doing it. I know they have started using the mobile page, which doesn't bode well for the accessibility of the system. All I know is that it to me it looks clunky and overstuffed. It is difficult to navigate in order to find what you actually want, and it makes me cranky. I did add a bunch of new friends last night, so if you care about Facebook, go ahead and see if I added you. It is certainly a possibility. If I didn't, don't feel bad, just submit a friend request, and if I know you, I should have you added by oh, maybe next July.

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