Sunday, March 22, 2009

End of the Linux Adventure

If you have been reading my twitters, you will already be aware that I have decided to end the "Linux Adventure" early. I could not get Samba to work with my Windows system, so I couldn't easily access my files. It wasn't worth it to me to spend my entire break fighting with Linux without reaping any of the rewards of being on break from school.

Fear not, I certainly have not given up on Linux yet. First, I am too stubborn, in the long run, and hate the idea of failure. Second, I've seen what amazing things you can do with Linux when you get the crazy system configured correctly, and some day I want to be able to crow to the world that I have done it! I have an amazing Linux set-up. Third, it's more than just a hobby. Right now, it's just a hobby, but it is too powerful to stay that way. Once I know it, it may be a useful skill to include on my resume. It also will allow me greater freedom in my computing choices, both personally and professionally, and I subscribe to the philosophy that you can get more done if you have more tools in your tool box. Thus, I'll try the "Linux Adventure" again, when I have the "file-sharing" tool actually in my tool box.


  1. Microsoft has worked diligently and spent lots of money to ensure that Windows breaks Samba's ability to communicate with it. It took the combined parliamentary might of an entire continent and more that a half billion dollar fine to convince Microsoft to open its protocols to Samba and others. If you had a difficult time getting Linux to communicate with Windows, it wasn't the fault of Linux.

    I'm glad to hear that you remain open to using Linux in the future. And you're right, it's not worth wasting a vacation over it.

  2. Thanks,

    I appreciate the vote of confidence concerning my decision. I will give it another go, and its not been uninstalled, so I'll keep fighting with it. I'll announce that to the world too. It will not be a small victory, so it will be worth bragging about.