Friday, March 6, 2009

Third Time’s a Charm

Well, it seem like it's about time to give blogging another run. I know, I have an awful track record, but maybe this time things will change. I have a few reasons to believe this. First, I have my Bamboo and I have always preferred free writing by hand instead of typing. Second, I have been twittering for about six months now, so maybe I have gotten into the habit again. Third, to be honest. I sort of miss writing. It does free the mind in some interesting ways. It can be very relaxing as well in the right environment. Fourth, as my biggest problem was always "it's so much work to go to the website. *whine*." I have found a way to upload entries from my desktop. On Windows I am using Office 2007's blog feature which, once configured is great for uploading everything for me. I haven't looked for a Linux option yet, though I will have to get one soon. I will be starting my "Linux Adventure" on the 19th and since I won't be using Windows at all, and will want to chronicle the exercise, I need to get an alternative in place. Finally, I also want to start something bigger than myself, and maybe this can help me flesh that out. I don't know what exactly, I am just tired of "just existing" and I want to find a greater purpose in the here and now.

Oh, by the way, for anyone who is interested my old LJ is still up, and you can read my older entries over there.

This may look a bit funny, as there will likely be more entries today, but I feel like the introduction should be short and to the point. So, in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, I bid you, "Good Day!"

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