Friday, March 13, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink edition

I know, I'm forgetful, and sort of lazy but I realized that there were some other things that I wanted to share with my loyal readers, all two of them… First, it was a really great weekend. It was Mom's birthday so she took off of work and we went junk store shopping. Marc came down as well which was nice. Marc and I tried to surprise mom with his arrival, but since we were out shopping it didn't work as well as we had planned. Mom and I left one of the stores just before Marc showed up, so finally she figured out what I was trying to tell Marc in code, so she knew he was in town. Nonetheless, she was thrilled to have him. We bought pizza and watched a movie when we got home. It was just nice.

On Sunday, since she didn't have to work, mom, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary left in the afternoon to visit Granny and Papa. It was good for her. I know she needed to get away. Marc and I hung out and played games and stuff for most of the afternoon. Steve called, and it was very good to hear from him. He got on line with us later, so we were finally able to use the webcam we bought. Sadly, mom had already left so she missed seeing him, but she did get to talk to him on the phone before she left. I can't wait for him to get home from Iraq. We also used the webcam to see Maryah and Aydyn. Aydyn was so cute. Marc helped me with a couple of little things around the house, and then went to bed. I stayed up and tried to work on a homework assignment. That is a tale for another post, it didn't go well.

I am sure that some of you are curious about Marc's cell phone. It did start working again. He didn't end up needing to get a replacement, though his plan was to get an old one that belonged to one of his friends. He got his phone wet. More specifically, he let another friend's baby chew on it, and she slobbered in the microphone, so it wouldn't work till it dried out. I think this may be the 3rd or 4th time that he has gotten the inside of the phone wet, and yet somehow the crazy thing still works. I want a phone that's that robust. He throws the thing and it comes out fine. I don't get it.

Oh well, I'm having so much fun writing tonight, I may as well admit to the situation with my assignment. I fail at understanding the roots of Object Oriented Programming. We started using distinct methods in program design, and I just couldn't figure out what in the name of all that is good was going on. I finally gave up and decided it was better to turn the assignment in late, after talking to the professor, than turning in something that was complete jibberish and had no chance to compile. I did get it turned in, after some of his help, but I still am not sure I understand the concept 100%. *Sigh* I suppose I will have to get it next quarter, as I am taking Java, or I am going to be in a big heap of trouble. Here's hoping.

On the other hand, I am sort of disappointed I won't have any more Web Design classes. I really kind of enjoyed that. It was hard, but it was not the "I can't figure this out" kind of hard. It was more of the "perfect level of challenge" kind of hard. I have one large assignment left for the class, then it's all over but the shooting.. er I mean grading. I did the second test, about CSS yesterday, and I think I ought to have done well, though it caused me a bit of pain as the editor I was using didn't work at all with JAWS, so I sat hunched over the keyboard for just a bit too long. I will be curious what I get in all my classes. Wish me luck, I'll know by this time next week.

Lets see, what else? Oh, yes, Missy is very odd, and kind of mean this week. She seems to be exhibiting all sorts of traits of multiple personality, or maybe she's just being a cat. Who can say? *shrug* Anyhow, she has decided as of late that every time I sit down in the recliner, she belongs in my lap. This is fantastic. It pleases me greatly. I always wanted a cat that would sit in my lap while I read, but she's the first to really make that dream a reality. On the converse side of this, she has a terrible tendancy to nip and it also seems to have gotten a bit worse. She only does it when she is excited or when she's tired of being brushed, but she's been uncommonly excited lately. She's been tearing through the house like a jet plane, on steroids and she's been grabbing at things and pouncing and all sorts of things, just like when I first got her, but she's also increased the amount of times she bites in conjunction with the energy level. I promptly ignore her when she does it, so I am not sure what other steps I should take. I want her to know that play is great, bites aren't. Oh well, at least, with the exception of once with mom, she only seems to bite me. Silly, silly, disobedient Mouse, I'll never really understand her.

And with that, I think I will bid my fond readers adieu. I have errands to run on the morrow, and let's be honest, its 2 in the morning, the morrow has arrived without me. Good night!

Oh, in honor of Mouse, and just because I can, its an Oldie, ( as far as the internet is concerned) but a goody. Here's the Mean Kitty Song from youtube. Yay for Corey and Sparta, they make me smile.

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